Wheel Blasting Services in Minnesota

At Engineered Finishing Inc. we have the experience and skills to offer the best possible wheel blasting services in Minnesota. We have the equipment to cater to your customized requirements.

We offer wheel or shot blasting services for parts with special blasting requirements. Whether you manufacture large or small parts, our wheel blasting machine offers the best possible finish.

Our in-house wheel blasting equipment can handle everything from foundry/forged parts to other types of manufactured parts. Therefore, you can rely on us for the best services related to wheel or shot blasting in Minnesota.

We work with manufacturers worldwide to deliver surface finished parts for their products. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow!

What is Wheel Blasting?

Wheel Blasting or Shot blasting is a deflashing, cleaning, or deburring process for parts and materials. It is used to remove scale, rust, or other types of surface contaminants. It also helps achieve a uniform and cosmetic surface on a metal part or workpiece.

How Wheel Blasting Works

Wheel blasting is a process that involves an airless blasting operation. Here, the abrasive media is propelled at the parts through a turbine. This process removes contaminants like sand, mill scale, or old coatings and gives your parts a nice finish.

Wheel blasting machines convert electrical energy into kinetic energy for strong abrasive impact. The kinetic energy is obtained by rotating a turbine wheel, which is why the process is termed wheel blasting.

Besides, maintaining a balanced working mix of abrasive media is the most essential aspect of a wheel blasting process. The large amounts of accelerated abrasive media hit the metal parts at high speed.

As a result, the metal parts are cleaned, deburred, descaled, or deflashed. This helps create a top-quality finish and increases the parts’ efficiency.

Benefits of Wheel Blasting

There are numerous benefits associated with seeking wheel blasting services in Minnesota. One of the most prominent advantages of wheel blasting is its efficiency. The centrifugal wheel used for this process requires less power to run, keeping the wheel blasting cost in Minnesota to a minimum.

Using or operating a wheel blasting machine is also easy. Since it’s an aggressive technique, you can expect a clean and smooth finish.

Some other benefits of this wheel blasting material include:

  • Easy and quick cleanup
  • No harsh chemicals used
  • Offers a wide range of finishing options

What Type of Media is Used in Wheel Blasting?

Shot blasting uses high-velocity beads or pellets made of copper, steel, or aluminum. Each of these abrasive materials is used for specific finishing results. Shot blasting is an excellent abrasion technique that suits a wide range of industries and operations.

When it comes to wheel blasting in Minnesota, Engineered Finishing Inc. turns out to be a trusted name in the industry. Generally, we use Steel and Stainless steel media during a wheel or shot blasting process. For a wide range of finishes, we use different sizes of media.

Wheel Blasting Applications

Wheel Blasting is an Ideal Solution for a wide range of applications. A few of these include:

  • Deburring manufactured metal parts
  • Time-efficient part cleaning
  • Descaling and de-flashing die castings
  • Profiling and texturing metal parts for adhesion
  • Texturing for a mechanical function
  • Create uniform and fine cosmetic finish
  • Rust removal

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Wheel blasting is a metal finishing solution that we use to meet your finishing needs. For top-of-the-line wheel blasting services in Minnesota, Engineered Finishing Inc. is a perfect choice. Contact our experts today to get a quote for your wheel blasting project.