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Proven reliability and many, many years of experience allows EFI to bring to you a diversified menu of services offered. We have evolved into the leading provider of not only mass finishing, but an entire spectrum of supporting services as well. We are prepared to produce your special surface requirements any where and at any time in addition to many of the supplemental services that may be associated with your products.


Engineered Finishing Inc. has the ability to perform light assembly of your components and/or prepare them for applied finishes. Special surface protection, masking, bonding agents and unique applications of various components to your specific requirements can be done with “ISO-QUALIFIED” work instructions and documented quality control.


From the moment your components or raw material are received, Engineered Finishing Inc. “INSPECTS” for non-conforming conditions. We routinely provide visual and dimensional inspection when received, while in process and at final – prior to shipment. What we provide is certifiable and traceable to recognized standards whenever required.

Straight Lining

Special or decorative finishes on all or specific surfaces can be accomplished by various methods. Engineered Finishing Inc. can meet your requirements in high or low volume quantities through skilled hand work and/or automation for repeatable and consistent surface results – where and when you want them.

Surface Profiling

When aesthetics are critical and mechanical integrity cannot be compromised, Engineered Finishing Inc. can help remedy the surface deficiencies. Inconsistent finishes often require modification and EFI has the experience to blend de-lamination, remove discoloration, as well as detect and repair surface blemishes regardless of their location.

Artificial Aging

Aluminum castings often require lengthy heat treatment cycles to obtain the correct material temper results. EFI will provide an economical solution to your bulk artificial aging requirements with our fully certifiable and traceable aging cycle oven. Get what you need at EFI for de-flashing, de-burring and artificial aging whenever required.

– ALL at one location for your convenience.


Precision and intricate features often times require special handling. Engineered Finishing Inc. identifies and understands what is necessary to maintain these features on your components. We can manually protect or design and build unique fixtures to suit the prescribed tasks.


We utilize metallic media with our shot blasting equipment and wheel blasting technology to remove heat treat scale and rust both effectively and economically for a wide range of materials and various sized parts.