Air Blasting Services in Minnesota

Engineered Finishing offers comprehensive and reliable air blasting services in Minnesota. We provide you with a versatile and powerful solution to meet your surface preparation needs. With our advanced air blasting technology, efficiency and precision are always ensured.

We work with manufacturers worldwide to deliver surface finished parts for their products. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow!

What is Air Blasting?

During an air blasting procedure, compressed air is used to propel a stream of abrasive media i.e. glass beads, sand, or aluminum oxide. When the media hits the surface, it effectively removes contaminants like:

  • Rust
  • Scale
  • Paint
  • Other unwanted materials

With the ability to utilize a wide range of abrasive media, it’s possible to achieve the desired finish. Besides, the required level of air pressure can be achieved by using a specific type of blasting nozzle.

There are different types of air blasting techniques, including pressure blasting, dustless blasting, and injector blasting. 

During the pressure blasting technique, abrasive media and compressed air are mixed inside a pressure pot or blasting generator. Once the required pressure is achieved, abrasive media comes out of the nozzle at high speed. 

On the other hand, dustless air blasting involves both pressure blasting and injector blasting techniques. The only difference is the equipment. In this type of air blasting machine, the abrasive media is collected immediately after it hits the targeted surface. This is why it is referred to as dustless blasting.

Benefits of Air Blasting

Here are the advantages of seeking air blasting services in Minnesota:

Effective cleaning and preparation: Through air blasting, it is possible to remove stubborn materials. This helps prepare the surface for further processes, including coating, painting, or bonding.

Versatility: Air blasting is a versatile technique which works on a range of metals, including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

Controllable Intensity: The pressure of an air blasting machine can be adjusted for optimum perfection. This helps prevent damage to the material.

Environmentally Friendly: Depending on the type of media we use, the air blasting technique could prove to be an eco-friendly alternative to various other ways of cleaning or preparing a surface.

Air Blasting Applications in Minnesota

Air blasting services are necessary for numerous industries operating in Minnesota. These include:

Manufacturing: Air blasting is vital for the manufacturing industry. It helps clean or prepare a surface for different finishing processes, like painting or welding.

Construction: In the construction industry, air blasting makes it easy to remove paint, rust, or graffiti from walls, buildings, and bridges.

Restoration: When it comes to restoring and preserving historic artifacts or vehicles, air blasting proves to be a safe and efficient process.

Marine: Air blasting is widely used in the marine industry. It allows preparing ship parts for antifouling treatments and painting.

Engineered Finishing – Your Trusted Air Blasting Partner in Minnesota

Engineered Finishing is known for offering top-notch finishing services, including air blasting in Minnesota. We tailor our air blasting services to meet your specific needs.

Our seasoned technicians take advantage of our advanced equipment. Besides, we also choose the most appropriate material for a desired outcome.

Looking for Additional Surface Finishing Services?

Engineered Finishing comes with an array of finishing solutions. A few of these include:

  • Sandblasting
  • Deflashing
  • Abrasive flow finishing
  • Wheel blasting

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We are confident in offering efficient and cost effective solutions to meet your air blasting in MN needs. Some of the key factors that make us stand out among the other air blasting service providers are:

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